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Telehealth Physiotherapy

What is Telehealth Physiotherapy?

Video link technology allows the Patient and Therapist to communicate through a visual platform where access to In-Person appointments can be more difficult.

A Physiotherapy Assessment is undertaken and treatment plans and goals will be set with you. Current patients will be reassessed, and plans adapted to ensure continuation of the rehabilitation journey.

What is required of the Patient?

- To be able to find a quiet, private space to be able to talk and move around safely and without interruption.

- Select a well lit space with light infront rather than behind you so that you can be seen clearly.

- Ensure you have access to a Computer, Laptop, or Tablet (Phones will work but are really too small to be able to clearly see information or demonstration on the screen) that has a camera and microphone in good working order and a good connection to wifi.

- Familiarise yourself with how to access the Janeapp Booking system via Google Chrome or Safari web browser. This platform is not compatible on iOS. 

- If you are a New Patient, please complete the Intake form.


The Telehealth server I will be using is encrypted to meet HIPPA and PIPEDA compliance. 

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